Aggregator goes Beta

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Aggregator v2.1

Two requested features landed in this new release:

  • The ability to use the volume buttons to navigate between items
  • The possibility to control the feed items limit per feed

Aggregator v2.0

From now on Aggregator can crunch also Atom feeds! Starting with this release any feed (RSS/Atom) should be supported.

The most requested feature was finally added to Aggregator: import. Feeds can be imported from Google Reader OPML files and Aggregator's own OPML files. The import can be partial in that you can select what feeds will be imported. To make selection easier, one can invert the selection using the provided menu option.

Aggregator can now export its own feeds too. The export can be done to an existing file (*.xml or *.opml) or to a newly created file.

To make the application more appealing I also added the feed's icon to the title bar.

NOTE: With great power comes great responsibility. Importing feeds from Google Reader is a nice thing to have, but use it wisely! With each new feed which is updated regularly in the background, the phone's battery will last less.

Aggregator v1.6

Version 1.6 brings colors to your Unread items screen.
The Feed preferences screen has a new option: Item color. Use it to set custom colors for your feeds.

Aggregator v1.5

Version 1.5 brings feed item sharing and weekly feed update interval.

Aggregator v1.4

What's new?
  • Improved HTTPS support: added option to declare a secure feed as trusted, if there are problems with the security certificates
  • Improved feed auto-discovery: faster discovery with less memory usage
  • Smaller package size
  • Fixed "New Feed" activity behavior on device rotation

Aggregator v1.2

Prior to this version, if you had many feed items (2000+ in my case), the item lists required some time for loading the content before appearing on the screen.
Now the activities appear instant and while the content is still loading a progress view is displayed. Also, to improve the loading time, the storage has been redesigned.

So this release is about speed and responsiveness!

Important: If you upgrade from a prior version, the first run can take some time while upgrading the storage. It all depends on how many feed items you have.

Aggregator v1.1

New features:
  • New 'Unread items' activity
  • Configurable notification sound

Feedback is always welcomed!

Aggregator v1.0

Version 1.0 is finally out!

The embedded viewer suffered the most important changes since version 0.9:
  • the item title and date are embedded now at the top of the item content
  • navigation buttons have been included for walking the feed up and down
  • the item read state is represented by a toggle button

Since this application has to refresh its database at scheduled times, it comes in handy to have a way to see if the selected update interval is optimal.
For this case, the feed update monitor can be helpful. If activated, you get a clickable history graph of the last feed updates at the top of the items list.

Feedback is always welcomed!

Aggregator v0.9

New features:
  • improved feed auto discovery (using TagSoup)
  • compression support for HTTP requests
  • notification and feed items limit preferences
  • menu option to show read items for a feed

Aggregator v0.8

New features:
  • feeds auto discovery
  • new option to open feed items directly in the browser
  • shorter connection timeouts for background updates
  • redesigned feed properties activity
  • simpler error messages

Aggregator Filters

One of Aggregator's main features is the ability to filter feed items.

Feed filters allow you to read only the feed items that you are interested in.

You can change the feed filter mode using the <Filter Mode> menu option.
change filter mode
Feed filters are a set of rules that are applied on each feed item. You can use feed filters to show or hide feed items.
From the example above, to hide all the movie trailer items, you select <Show unmatched items> option and create a filter by long pressing any movie trailer item.
create filter
More filter rules can be added by following the same steps.

To view all filters for a feed you must open the filter manager.
open filter manager

Aggregator v0.7

Aggregator is a feed aggregator with filtering support.

Version 0.7 brings:
  • RSS 2.0 support
  • Background feed updates
  • Feed filters
  • Android 1.6+ support